Wolfing Down Food Science

Living Our Best Life: Non-essential nutrients (S3:E5)

April 18, 2022 Paige Season 3 Episode 5
Wolfing Down Food Science
Living Our Best Life: Non-essential nutrients (S3:E5)
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about nutrition as a series of tiered services? There’s the basic plan which includes essential nutrients (not everyone gets this basic level, eg. Vitamin D). The basic plan takes into account which nutrients our bodies make and those that they cannot. The premium plan includes those non-essential nutrients. In reality that premium plan is something we are still trying to figure out. And how about an ultra-premium plan? Does that include things like specialist doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers?

Join us as we talk about non-essential nutrients and how they are integrated into our diet and perception of nutrition.
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The basic and premium plan will be different for everyone based on age, gender, weight, disease state, injury, ethnicity, metabolic states (pregnancy, lactation)


What is essential to your best life?


Defining essential, conditionally essential, conditional, in terms of nutrition vs. general understanding


Amino acids, vitamins we can make or get if we consume a healthy diet (non-essential AA’s; Vit K; Vit D; choline)